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Unique and exotic fragrance pairings

Botanica by Air Wick© is made with natural ingredients from exotic locations around the globe. Our fragrances combine the best of nature’s bounty to deliver a singular fragrance experience, perfect in any room of your home.

Why Botanica?

Nature never ceases to inspire us

We scoured the planet for  naturally fragrant ingredients. Our global search was the inspiration for our exotic scent combinations.

Responsibly sourced ingredients

The ingredients in our fragrances are responsibly sourced in a way that respects our planet. We reduced plastic from our packaging and never test our final products on animals.

We believe in communities 

We support the local communities and farmers who grow and harvest the natural ingredients that make our fragrances so unique.

We care for our planet

Our products are crafted to give you our most natural fragrance experience while reducing our impact on the world:


  • - No dyes
  • - No Animal Testing on final product
  • - No Phthalates
  • - Responsibly sourced natural ingredients
  • - Our bottles are made up to 99% recycled plastic
  • - Our Scented Oil products use recyclable cardboard that is Forest Stewardship Council Certified